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Olive Shad Blade Bait is kicking butt!

Fished today with a FaceBook friend, Michael.  We had an epic day with the walleye.  Well epic for me anyway.  I don’t normally target walleye so I don’t really have a good handle on what an epic day of walleye fishing looks like for Indiana waters.  But from my perspective it was an outstanding day.  We caught countless walleye, a few smallmouth bass (not enough for my liking) and some miscellaneous fish (white bass, catfish mostly).  Every fish we caught was on Cincy Fisher Blade baits – most on the brand new Olive Shad Blade Bait.  I sell baits I use myself.  It only makes sense to me to “eat my own dog food” as they say in some industries.  We kept the biggest 6 of the day (a single limit) and I took them home to my parents who finally told me to hold off on anymore walleye for a while.  The 6 we kept weighed 31.87# on my tournament scales.

The bite was a typical blade bait bite – we yo-yo it off the bottom (only about 12 ” though) and they’d eat it on the fall.  I pulled off 4 or 5 big walleye as well.  Every fish we caught was a Personal Best for Michael and almost for me as well.  The water has been stained for a few weeks and the opaqueness of the painted blade baits made the difference I think.  Brass would have worked probably too but they weren’t interested in Michaels “other brand” of blade bait.  No not the original Silver Buddy it was a different brand.  But I’m not here to trash other great baits.  But today – they wanted that Olive Shad Blade bait.  It was truly an epic day for us.

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Just added the Olive Shad Blade Bait!

So here’s the deal, I love fishing blade baits and throw them a ton this time of year.  Everyone has their preferences and mine has always been 1/2 oz nickel blade baits.  And they flat out catch a ton of fish.  They especially excel in cold, clear water with sunny skies.  They work in lots of other conditions but that’s when they really rock.  But my conditions lately have been a lot different than that.  The water is cold enough for sure (low fifties) but the clarity is unusually low for this time of year (6″ to 24″) depending on location.  This is when I would normally throw a brass blade bait – and that’s a great choice.  But so is the new Olive Shad Blade Bait!  A couple weeks ago I began experimenting with colors and found that this color worked very, very well for me.  So I thought it might work for you as well – please let me know if that’s the case.  There’s a lot of extra work involved in the painting process so they do cost more and are not available as part of the Blade Bait 10 Pack.  They are also only available in 1/2 oz. These are built on a brass body so as you beat these against the rocks (the ones on the bottom of the lake or river) the paint will chip, exposing the underlying brass.  That will happen if you fish these the way you need to – almost always the bait has to be on or very near the bottom.  The fish I’ve been catching don’t seem to mind one bit about a few chips in the paint.

blade baits
custom painted blade bait in Olive Shad pattern
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Blade Baits – the equal opportunity bait for cold water

blade baits

Most anglers know that Blade Baits are hard to beat when the water temps take a nose dive in the fall and winter.  They actually catch fish all year long but that’s a story for another day.  Like many anglers, I primarily target bass and walleye with blade baits in the cool season.  But I catch a ton of other fish including catfish (channel and flat heads), hybrid stripers, white bass, freshwater drum (yuck), crappie, and various bream.  Heck I’m probably leaving out a species or two as well.  Basically, any fish that eats other fish, eat blade baits.  A couple years ago my beautiful wife, Amy, accompanied me to Norris Lake in eastern Tennessee on Veterans Day weekend.  We stayed at a generous friend’s beautiful lake house and had a great time of it.  Norris, in case you didn’t know, is a ghost town this time of year and a great time to be on the lake.  I caught plenty of bass throwing my standard 1/2 oz Nickle Blade Bait using casting equipment which I strongly prefer (perhaps to my own detriment at times).  Anyway, I gave my wife a spinning outfit rigged with a 3/8oz Blade Bait and she began catching some jumbo bluegill.  In case you didn’t know, Cincy Fisher Blade Baits come in 5 different weights (1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 oz) and in 2 different lengths (2″ and 2.5″).  The 1/4oz and 3/8oz weights use the smaller, 2″ body while the heavier weights use the larger.  If you are specifically targeting crappie, bluegill, or white bass, I recommend the smaller sizes.  For bass and walleye I recommend 1/2oz and up depending on the water depth you are fishing.  That said, I know some very strong anglers who prefer a 3/8oz blade bait for small mouth because of the smaller size.  To each their own I suppose.  I almost always throw 1/2 oz Nickle (Brass for dirty water) blade baits because they flat out catch fish and because they cast like bullets.  I also like the #4 Mustad KVD treble hooks on the larger baits vs. the #6 on the smaller.

Around my region (Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana) the blade bait bite is in full swing and as many of my friends heads to the woods to kill Bambi, I head to the deep clear water to catch me some hogs on blade baits.  It’s my favorite time of the year.  Keep your lines tight folks!

Bryan May
Cincy Fisher Baits

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Customer Testimonial – Christmas Weekend!

I just love to see pictures of big fish caught on Cincy Fisher Baits, especially when it happens during Christmas Weekend!  Thanks for sharing this Brian Warfel!


Just thought I’d send you a few pictures from over the Christmas weekend Friday Saturday Sunday of Some of our catches thanks to Cincy Fisher blade baits as well as the ned head with Stingray grubs.  I personally caught 82 Bass while my partners caught another 50 or so.
Brian warfel
aka cpt wardog
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Merry Christmas from Cincy Fisher Baits!

Christmas is almost here!  Where does the time go?  It seems the older I get the faster time flies.  With these cooler temperatures some anglers find themselves in the woods hunting or, God forbid, in the living room watching football.  Well don’t forget about the fish!  They aren’t going to catch themselves ya know.  They still have to eat even in cold water.  Now their metabolism slows and they eat less often but they still eat.  And for that reason, I still fish.  Here in Southwest Ohio our lakes normally freeze over at some point and even our rivers freeze over sometimes but until that happens you can bet that I’ll be hitting the water any chance I get.  Our water temps are in the high forties to low fifties and the blade bite has been pretty strong for bass (both largemouth and smallies) and walleye.  Now for you blade bait aficionados, you know that these baits catch everything else.  Last week I caught a decent limit of bass but also 5 walleye, 4 catfish, and 2 jumbo bluegill – all on 1/2 oz Nickel Blade Baits.  Not sure how I avoided crappie and white bass which are usually in that mix.  My partner even caught (ok, foul hooked) a carp.  So get your butt off the couch or out of the woods and catch some fish already.  For you guys up North – be safe on the ice.

I say it pretty often but Cincy Fisher customers really are the best.  We work hard to make quality baits for a reasonable price.  I enjoy talking with customers and hearing stories of fishing trips and seeing pictures of your fish (preferably with a Cincy Fisher bait in the pic).

Don’t forget to use the christmas2017 coupon during checkout for free shipping (on orders of $25 or more) until the end of the year.

Merry Christmas!

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Customer Testimonial – From Pete Arnold

When winter arrives and the water temperature starts to dip into the low 50’s and below many fishermen will grab a traditional bait like a jig or worm and fish at a snail’s pace. But if you think about the forage this time of year bass will often be feeding on small shad and similar small bait fish. A perfect imitator for small bait fish in the late fall and winter is the blade bait. Many fishermen have never heard of this thin hunk of vibrating metal that can cast a mile and cover any depth in the water column. But it slays winter time fish. Notice I didn’t say bass although it slays them too but I have caught striper, yellow perch, sun fish, shad, walleye, and cat fish. You name it will catch it. You can cover water with bomb casts or pitch it to drop offs, cliff walls, dock pilings, rip rap, etc… If you are fishing cover, a tip to reduce snags is to remove the front treble hook or cut the front prong off the front and back treble. If you have electronics look for schools of fish in 8-15 feet of water. Once found yo-yo your blade bait through the school and back to the boat, start off with big 9 to 12 rips and let the bait fall on slack line. If the fish are tight to the bottom give the bait time to fall to the bottom and reduce to a 9 to 10 rip. To fish the blade effectively use a medium crank bait rod with 12-15 lb. Pline CXX or similar stiff line to avoid getting tangled in the front treble hook. A crank bait rod has enough give and a soft tip to keep the hooks buttoned up tight without ripping them out. The fish will generally strike on the fall so when you pull up and feel weight just start reeling fast. No need to set the hook as the trebles will set on the rip up. If you have to set, then do a sweep set. I.e. just an even, slow pull to the side. For a complete discussion by BayBass himself, see The #1 Cold Water Fishing Lure & The Basics of Blade Baits and BayBass blade bait articles.
There are many blade baits to choose from and I have used 90% of them. None of them can beat the quality and low cost (½ that of traditional brands) of the Cincy Fisher. The Cincy Fisher has 3D eyes, Mustad KVD Triple Grip hooks, Duo Lock snaps, and 3 retrieve positions for versatility. The hooks are super sharp and this bait is tough. For the last 3 years I have thrown it into bridge pilings, rocks, retaining walls, and it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Great vibration, excellent flutter on the fall to imitate dying bait, and it straight catches fish! If you are fishing them correctly, you are bound to snag and loose a few so buy a 10-pack. Every winter I buy myself a 10-pack special with free shipping, ½ oz., 5 silver, 5 brass and catch fish all winter long. I took my buddy out 02DEC17 on the Potomac River and he watched me catch 5 fish on a Cincy Fisher blade before he switched over to a Cincy Fisher and hooked a nice #3+ LMB. We finished with ~20 bass in 2.5 hours. The next day he placed an order. This bait is for real.
-Tight Lines
Peter Arnold, BayBass Staff Writer


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Changes at Cincy Fisher Baits

We’ve made some changes on our website and I’d like to take a moment to tell you about those.

  • Bass Jigs and Spinnerbaits – We’ve decided to remove weedless bass jigs and spinner baits from our store.  There are so many people pouring jigs and spinner baits these days that we’ve decided to ease out of that space.  Over time we may very well add back a few niche items and we’d certainly listen to any suggestions you may have.  And feel free to contact us if you really want us to make some custom baits for you – we’ll do the best we can.
  • Cold Water Baits – We’ve decided to focus more on blade baits and other products that work best in cool water.  We’ve just added a new Blade Bait to our offering – the Fat Head Blade Bait.  Look for this category of baits to expand soon.  And again, we’d love to hear your suggestions – tail spins or jerk baits maybe?
  • Merry Christmas! – It’s just about Christmas time again folks and we’re offering free shipping on orders of $25 or more.  Just enter the coupon code (christmas2017) during checkout and you order will ship for free.  It’s just a small way we can say thank you for your support.
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Free Shipping!

Happy Valentines Day!  To help you celebrate properly Cincy Fisher Baits is offering free shipping for the remainder of February.  Just enter coupon code love17 during checkout to receive free shipping on your order of $25 or more.

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Brookville Lake Fishing Report – 11/20/2016

Brookville Lake is officially on fire right now.  The fishing is the best it’s been since since spring.  I fished 3 hours Sunday afternoon in the cold (42 degrees) and wind (15-20 mph) and caught a lot of fish.  I caught 2 largemouth bass (4#, 3.5#) and 4 smallmouth bass (2#-2.5#) all on jerk baits on the main lake.  The water temps were 58 – 59 degrees.  I also caught one small keeper walleye on the jerk bait.  Then I switched to the blade bait and proceeded to catch 6 more walleye (biggest was 5#) and a 3# channel cat.  I also lost quite a few fish.  One was a big bass that I lost right under the boat.  I was fishing alone and it was a pain maintaining boat position, handling the fish and the net.  So I blame all my lamo fishing buddies chasing white tail deer while I’m trying to fish.  Yeah you know who you are.  Anyway I also lost several other fish either on the initial hit or on the fight into the boat.  So here’s why I think I lost so many fish.  I had been throwing a MegaBass Vision 110 and catching lots of fish (on recent trips).  But it hangs on everything and I knew I’d lose a $25 bait in the high winds so I opted for a knockoff 110 that I painted myself.  I used Mustad KVD #6 Triple Grip hooks which are great hooks – generally.  But I noticed the light wire barbarian out barb hooks on the MegaBass and figured I should try different hooks.  So I have some VMC outbarb barbarian hooks on order.  I’ll let you know if it makes a difference…  Tight Lines!img_20161120_182348