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Shake it, Don’t break it…

How many times do you hang up while throwing a Cincy Fisher Blade Bait? If you answer zero or not often then you’re not doing it right. In cold water, most all catch-able fish will be hugging the bottom. This includes walleye, smallmouth and largemouth bass, catfish, and others. White bass and Stripers (hybrids too) will be an exception to this rule. Anyway, when you hang up, do this:

  1. Don’t set the hook too hard as you might be on a stump…
  2. Jiggle your rod tip on semi-slack line and don’t stop doing this
  3. Move your boat (not much of an option for bank fishermen – sorry) directly over the hang while maintaining semi-slack line (and still jiggling)
  4. Many times a fish will actually eat the blade bait right out of the hang, often when you’re almost directly over it.  Your line will simply dart off to the side very rapidly.

This happens very often for me.  I caught 2 nice fish (including the one below) in each of my last 2 outings.  The only thing I can figure out is the bait is moving slightly (flashing light maybe) in the immediate area where fish are feeding.  It must simulate a dying baitfish.  This happens so frequently it has become almost a pattern.  Try this even if it sounds too crazy.  It will likely turn you into a believer…

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