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Ohio River Baits Coming Soon

I grew up fishing the mighty Ohio River in the Greater Cincinnati area.  It is one of the toughest places to catch bass in the country.  I’ve always said that if you can catch bass in this stretch of the Ohio River, you can catch bass anywhere in America.  The river provides a tough neighborhood for bass.  Lots of mud and fluctuating levels in the spring disrupt the spawning process.  The river also sees a ton of tournament fishing pressure so the few surviving bass see a lot of baits.  These fish are not easily fooled…
Cincy Fisher Baits has quite a few local customers who request very special baits to be custom made.  We’re always happy to do that and we never, ever reveal those secrets.  Those baits are not listed here and will never be listed here.  That’s not how we roll.
Cincy Fisher Baits carefully select lure components that reliably do their job and they have only one job – catch fish.  No fancy paint jobs here folks, just basic tools for the trade.  We use quality components like: Mustad hooks and Worth Co ball bearing swivels.  Quality components cost more so our baits might be a bit more expensive than something you can pick up at the local big box store.  We’re not offended if cost is your primary driver – we wish you the very best of luck.
Everyone “in the know” knows that there are just a few key baits needed to catch bass in the river.  Stay tuned as we will be releasing a few key baits that will help the local and not so local river rats out there…  It’s going to be a great Summer 2019!
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