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Olive Shad Blade Bait is kicking butt!

Fished today with a FaceBook friend, Michael.  We had an epic day with the walleye.  Well epic for me anyway.  I don’t normally target walleye so I don’t really have a good handle on what an epic day of walleye fishing looks like for Indiana waters.  But from my perspective it was an outstanding day.  We caught countless walleye, a few smallmouth bass (not enough for my liking) and some miscellaneous fish (white bass, catfish mostly).  Every fish we caught was on Cincy Fisher Blade baits – most on the brand new Olive Shad Blade Bait.  I sell baits I use myself.  It only makes sense to me to “eat my own dog food” as they say in some industries.  We kept the biggest 6 of the day (a single limit) and I took them home to my parents who finally told me to hold off on anymore walleye for a while.  The 6 we kept weighed 31.87# on my tournament scales.

The bite was a typical blade bait bite – we yo-yo it off the bottom (only about 12 ” though) and they’d eat it on the fall.  I pulled off 4 or 5 big walleye as well.  Every fish we caught was a Personal Best for Michael and almost for me as well.  The water has been stained for a few weeks and the opaqueness of the painted blade baits made the difference I think.  Brass would have worked probably too but they weren’t interested in Michaels “other brand” of blade bait.  No not the original Silver Buddy it was a different brand.  But I’m not here to trash other great baits.  But today – they wanted that Olive Shad Blade bait.  It was truly an epic day for us.

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