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Just added the Olive Shad Blade Bait!

So here’s the deal, I love fishing blade baits and throw them a ton this time of year.  Everyone has their preferences and mine has always been 1/2 oz nickel blade baits.  And they flat out catch a ton of fish.  They especially excel in cold, clear water with sunny skies.  They work in lots of other conditions but that’s when they really rock.  But my conditions lately have been a lot different than that.  The water is cold enough for sure (low fifties) but the clarity is unusually low for this time of year (6″ to 24″) depending on location.  This is when I would normally throw a brass blade bait – and that’s a great choice.  But so is the new Olive Shad Blade Bait!  A couple weeks ago I began experimenting with colors and found that this color worked very, very well for me.  So I thought it might work for you as well – please let me know if that’s the case.  There’s a lot of extra work involved in the painting process so they do cost more and are not available as part of the Blade Bait 10 Pack.  They are also only available in 1/2 oz. These are built on a brass body so as you beat these against the rocks (the ones on the bottom of the lake or river) the paint will chip, exposing the underlying brass.  That will happen if you fish these the way you need to – almost always the bait has to be on or very near the bottom.  The fish I’ve been catching don’t seem to mind one bit about a few chips in the paint.

blade baits
custom painted blade bait in Olive Shad pattern
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