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Merry Christmas from Cincy Fisher Baits!

Christmas is almost here!  Where does the time go?  It seems the older I get the faster time flies.  With these cooler temperatures some anglers find themselves in the woods hunting or, God forbid, in the living room watching football.  Well don’t forget about the fish!  They aren’t going to catch themselves ya know.  They still have to eat even in cold water.  Now their metabolism slows and they eat less often but they still eat.  And for that reason, I still fish.  Here in Southwest Ohio our lakes normally freeze over at some point and even our rivers freeze over sometimes but until that happens you can bet that I’ll be hitting the water any chance I get.  Our water temps are in the high forties to low fifties and the blade bite has been pretty strong for bass (both largemouth and smallies) and walleye.  Now for you blade bait aficionados, you know that these baits catch everything else.  Last week I caught a decent limit of bass but also 5 walleye, 4 catfish, and 2 jumbo bluegill – all on 1/2 oz Nickel Blade Baits.  Not sure how I avoided crappie and white bass which are usually in that mix.  My partner even caught (ok, foul hooked) a carp.  So get your butt off the couch or out of the woods and catch some fish already.  For you guys up North – be safe on the ice.

I say it pretty often but Cincy Fisher customers really are the best.  We work hard to make quality baits for a reasonable price.  I enjoy talking with customers and hearing stories of fishing trips and seeing pictures of your fish (preferably with a Cincy Fisher bait in the pic).

Don’t forget to use the christmas2017 coupon during checkout for free shipping (on orders of $25 or more) until the end of the year.

Merry Christmas!

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