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Customer Testimonial – From Pete Arnold

When winter arrives and the water temperature starts to dip into the low 50’s and below many fishermen will grab a traditional bait like a jig or worm and fish at a snail’s pace. But if you think about the forage this time of year bass will often be feeding on small shad and similar small bait fish. A perfect imitator for small bait fish in the late fall and winter is the blade bait. Many fishermen have never heard of this thin hunk of vibrating metal that can cast a mile and cover any depth in the water column. But it slays winter time fish. Notice I didn’t say bass although it slays them too but I have caught striper, yellow perch, sun fish, shad, walleye, and cat fish. You name it will catch it. You can cover water with bomb casts or pitch it to drop offs, cliff walls, dock pilings, rip rap, etc… If you are fishing cover, a tip to reduce snags is to remove the front treble hook or cut the front prong off the front and back treble. If you have electronics look for schools of fish in 8-15 feet of water. Once found yo-yo your blade bait through the school and back to the boat, start off with big 9 to 12 rips and let the bait fall on slack line. If the fish are tight to the bottom give the bait time to fall to the bottom and reduce to a 9 to 10 rip. To fish the blade effectively use a medium crank bait rod with 12-15 lb. Pline CXX or similar stiff line to avoid getting tangled in the front treble hook. A crank bait rod has enough give and a soft tip to keep the hooks buttoned up tight without ripping them out. The fish will generally strike on the fall so when you pull up and feel weight just start reeling fast. No need to set the hook as the trebles will set on the rip up. If you have to set, then do a sweep set. I.e. just an even, slow pull to the side. For a complete discussion by BayBass himself, see The #1 Cold Water Fishing Lure & The Basics of Blade Baits and BayBass blade bait articles.
There are many blade baits to choose from and I have used 90% of them. None of them can beat the quality and low cost (½ that of traditional brands) of the Cincy Fisher. The Cincy Fisher has 3D eyes, Mustad KVD Triple Grip hooks, Duo Lock snaps, and 3 retrieve positions for versatility. The hooks are super sharp and this bait is tough. For the last 3 years I have thrown it into bridge pilings, rocks, retaining walls, and it takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Great vibration, excellent flutter on the fall to imitate dying bait, and it straight catches fish! If you are fishing them correctly, you are bound to snag and loose a few so buy a 10-pack. Every winter I buy myself a 10-pack special with free shipping, ½ oz., 5 silver, 5 brass and catch fish all winter long. I took my buddy out 02DEC17 on the Potomac River and he watched me catch 5 fish on a Cincy Fisher blade before he switched over to a Cincy Fisher and hooked a nice #3+ LMB. We finished with ~20 bass in 2.5 hours. The next day he placed an order. This bait is for real.
-Tight Lines
Peter Arnold, BayBass Staff Writer


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