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Brookville Lake Fishing Report – 11/20/2016

Brookville Lake is officially on fire right now.  The fishing is the best it’s been since since spring.  I fished 3 hours Sunday afternoon in the cold (42 degrees) and wind (15-20 mph) and caught a lot of fish.  I caught 2 largemouth bass (4#, 3.5#) and 4 smallmouth bass (2#-2.5#) all on jerk baits on the main lake.  The water temps were 58 – 59 degrees.  I also caught one small keeper walleye on the jerk bait.  Then I switched to the blade bait and proceeded to catch 6 more walleye (biggest was 5#) and a 3# channel cat.  I also lost quite a few fish.  One was a big bass that I lost right under the boat.  I was fishing alone and it was a pain maintaining boat position, handling the fish and the net.  So I blame all my lamo fishing buddies chasing white tail deer while I’m trying to fish.  Yeah you know who you are.  Anyway I also lost several other fish either on the initial hit or on the fight into the boat.  So here’s why I think I lost so many fish.  I had been throwing a MegaBass Vision 110 and catching lots of fish (on recent trips).  But it hangs on everything and I knew I’d lose a $25 bait in the high winds so I opted for a knockoff 110 that I painted myself.  I used Mustad KVD #6 Triple Grip hooks which are great hooks – generally.  But I noticed the light wire barbarian out barb hooks on the MegaBass and figured I should try different hooks.  So I have some VMC outbarb barbarian hooks on order.  I’ll let you know if it makes a difference…  Tight Lines!img_20161120_182348

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