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Bait Head Underspins are available

As you likely know, underspin jigs are great cold water baits.  Yeah Casey Ashley put them in the spotlight by winning the 2015 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell in mid February.  But they’ve been catching fish for a long time.  Cincy Fisher Baits now carries a high quality underspin bait we call the Bait Head.  Like all Cincy Fisher baits it is simply built with high quality components.  It has a ball bearing swivel made in the USA (Worth) as well as a super sharp Eagle Claw Laser Black Platinum hook in size 5/0.  This is not your grandpa’s Eagle Claw.  Their new Laser point hooks are awesome.

The technique is pretty basic.  Thread on a swim bait, a Zoom Super Fluke Jr, grub or any other plastic you like.  Cast it out on a likely spot – steep rocky banks are a good place to begin.  Let is sink to the level you think the bass are hanging out.  Sometimes that will be on or very near the bottom in which case you’ll just slow roll this across the bottom like you’d do with a spinner bait.  This bait works well for suspended fish as well.  Just let is sink to just above the depth the fish are holding at and retrieve it back to the boat.

As you may know I like Blade Baits in cold water and they do produce very well especially if the fish are holding on the bottom.  The underspin gets the nod when they suspend though.

In any case get them while the water is cold and the bite is hot.

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