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Dec 12, 2015 Fishing Report

Yes it is December in the midwest and the weather is fantastic.  Unseasonably warm temps approaching 70 greeted us for our Sunday pickup bass tournament at Brookville Lake in southeastern Indiana.  Water temps still in the low fifties.  Nine teams showed up and we launched at 7:30AM.  I fished with my good friend Gary Armstrong and I had told him to prepare for a shallow bite.  After all that’s where they were a few days ago.  Notice the italics…  Yeah I don’t know about your local lakes and rivers but patterns around here change as often as the weather does.  I rarely find a pattern that holds up for more than a day or 2 it seems.  It seems to defy logic.  I mean when the fish should be deep you find them in super shallow water.  I’m beginning to wonder if the fish even know where they are supposed to be.  Maybe they don’t read the same blogs as I do.  Anyway back to the fishing report.  We launch and head for the bank where I had been catching them shallow.  No shad around and no shallow bass around either.  Nothing being marked on the graph.  It’s kind of like fishing in the living room.  beats working I guess but I’d rather be catching.  We head for a nearby rocky point and I start throwing a blade bait.  I hear the walleye have been eating them good lately.  Right off the bat I catch a 3.5# smallie.  Gary is still throwing a square bill.  The nice thing about a team format is you can throw different baits until you figure out the pattern.  We fish similar areas for a couple hours with nothing to show except for a handful of walleyes on the blade baits.  I decided after catching that nice smallie that I was going to throw the blade bait until my arms fell off (almost happened too).  We were working one particular rocky steep bank (pardon me for not being too specific…) and met another angler working the bank in the opposite direction.  Friendly enough guy.  We exchange lies like normal and keep fishing in our respective directions.  After politely passing, I mean about 1 boat length away I stick a fish.  A big one too.  Maybe a catfish because it’s pulling hard and these blades do catch about any fish out there.  I’m trying to get Gary’s attention because I really need some net help but I don’t want to attract a lot of attention.  I mean this bank is already getting beat up by other anglers…  Finally Gary notices my weird heads shakes, grunts and big bow in the rod and grabs the net just in time to land a large mouth just shy of 5#.  The other angler was none the wiser.  And I promise it wasn’t you Matt Cash.  At this point I tell Gary to tie on a Cincy Fisher Blade Bait or get out of my boat.  We both throw nothing but 1/2 oz Nickel blade baits for the remainder of the tournament.  We end up catching only 6 keepers but 4 of them are real nice for a limit weighing 14.8#.  We figure if we’re on fish then everyone is.  I mean these guys are good. Really good.  Turns out we had the only limit and took 1st and Big Bass.  Second was 2 fish and I didn’t see the weight but it wsan’t a lot.  Nobody else weighed in a fish although I know Matt Cash stuck a nice smallmouth but didn’t weigh it in.  I guess even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.  Our fish were caught in 10 to 15 foot of water and were very close to the bottom.  Small hopes were key and the bite was very subtle.  They ate it on the flutter down but you couldn’t really detect it until the next rip up off the bottom and they were just there.


Tight lines…

IMG_20151213_153233786 (2) IMG_20151213_153200476_HDR (2)

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