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Norris Lake – TN

Just returned last night from a short trip to beautiful Lake Norris with my wife Amy.  Amy’s good friend Kathy let us stay at her fantastic house right on the shores of the lake.  The house is amazing and we’re grateful for the accommodations.

Let’s be honest here – I’m the fisher in the family but Amy was a great sport and spent lots of time on the water with me.  And fished quite a bit too.  This time of year the lake is drawn down at least by 20 feet or more and the water is extraordinarily clear.  At the dam I could easily see the bottom in 20 foot of water.  Turns out the fish could see me from even further away.  Water temps were surprisingly warm at 69 degrees.  Of course I’m from Ohio…

My friend Doug suggested I give night fishing a try and I did – twice for a couple hours each night.  I caught a few decent largemouth bass on buzz baits and a few nice smallies on square bill crank baits.

The day bite was tough.  I did manage a few nice fish on Snootie Jigs (my all-time favorite) and of course on blade baits.  I should have thrown the blade baits earlier.  I just thought the temps were too warm.  They weren’t.  We’d locate 45 degree rocky banks (not hard to find on this lake) and position the boat in 20 or so foot of water and make long casts on light line (10# Suffix 832 brain with 12 ft of 8# Suffix Red Label fluorocarbon).  We’d let the 1/2 oz nickel blade bait fall on semi-slack line until it hit bottom.  We’d give it a 2 foot bump, just enough to feel the vibration from the bait and then let it settle on or very near the bottom.  We’d do this all the way back to the boat.  The hits were usually subtle and you’d see your line bump.  This is why it’s important to watch your line and let it fall on semi-slack line.  We hung up a bunch but here’s the secret on that – don’t set the hook on a rock!  We’d just give it a light jiggle and if that didn’t shake it free we’d troll to over top the bait and jiggle some more.  This almost always worked.  When it didn’t I’d tell my wife this is why I sell them in packs of ten…

We caught several nice small mouth and a few hefty bluegill too.  I only sell baits that I use and believe in.  These blade baits are my confidence bait when the water is clear and when it’s cold (I’m re-thinking that part though).

Amy with a nice bluegill on a 1/4oz Blade Bait
Got a few flipping snootie jigs around docks
The Blade Baits ruled around steep banks and even the bluffs

IMG_8307 IMG_5649 IMG_4623

Tight Lines,

Bryan May
Cincy Fisher Baits

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